Content Questionnaire

    Please follow all instructions carefully as this will help a great deal in obtaining all the necessary information in order to publish your website within 24-48 hours!

    Main Information


    A color scheme is needed in order to create an appealing and interesting website. We can be consistent with your existing company materials such as a brochure or logo or you can choose 3 colors indicating which should be the primary color. Because the finished product will be your website/blog, you can always change them later.

    Color Scheme
    Please be consistent with my uploaded file.Use the following colors.I would like Wicked Blog Deal to pick my colors.

    Logo & Initial Images

    Included in the publishing of your website/blog is a customer supplied logo and up to 4 images for the 4 initial pages.


    Included in the publishing of your website/blog are 4 pages. One being your blog. Please provide copy and one image for each. Anything left blank, we'll publish "Coming Soon" as a placeholder for you. You can easily change any content later.

    Email Address

    Included in the WickedBlogDeal special are up to 4 email addresses to start. More can be added later and if you need business class email, these can be upgraded as well. Just let us know.

    SEO Phrases

    Please provide up to 5 keyword search phrases you would like visitors to find you by. Separate by commas.